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212.603.9066  We help speakers to deliver their messages confidently through the use of the latest in teleprompter technology.  The technology we use to help you are presidential, podium, and camera mounted teleprompter rental services.  Our teleprompter rental services are complete and come with an operator and all of the necessary equipment to help the speaker to presentation with confidence.

With a teleprompter, the talent can focus on delivering their presentation naturally and convincingly. Using a teleprompter allows you to maintain eye contact with your audience because you will be looking directly at the camera while reading your lines. During recordings, using a teleprompter can save you precious time spent on retakes. And because our teleprompter equipment comes complete with a teleprompter operator, you can be sure that it’s set up and ready to go when the cameras start rolling.

Teleprompter Rental NYC Rates

New York City teleprompter services include the teleprompter operator and the teleprompter system with computer, software, and backup equipment.

The teleprompter technician and equipment arrives at the same time.  There are no delivery charges.


17″ Camera Mounted Teleprompter System:

Camera Mounted Teleprompter System includes Camera Mounted teleprompter, cables, teleprompter technician, laptop, teleprompter software, backup laptop, backup teleprompter mirror, delivery.  These prompters can be used as a stand alone prompters in front of your camera or you can mount your camera onto the teleprompter.

These are great options for your camera:

Large Cameras (F3, C300, Alexa, F35, RED, Sony F800 and other large ENG cameras)

DSLRs (Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 7D, Canon T3i, Nikon D90 etc.)

Small to Medium Cameras (Sony Z1/Z7, Panasonic HVX200,  Sony EX1/EX3)


Presidential Teleprompter (aka Speech Prompter, Podium Prompter) Duel Pair System:


Presidential Teleprompter System includes dual monitors, teleprompter technician, distribution amplifier, cables, laptop, teleprompter software, backup laptop, backup teleprompter mirror, delivery.

Second teleprompter operator can also be secured for your project.

Contact us now to get your teleprompter services booked at (212) 603-9066.  Reach us by email.


Interrotron Rental -An Interrotron is a special teleprompter system which allow the talent to see the producer while looking directly into the camera, and the producer can see the talent in a separate teleprompter.

It is a great tool for getting fantastic interviews. The talent looks at the producer’s face into the camera and reacts from a warm human presence, instead of looking off camera at the producer.

Contact us now to get your teleprompter services booked at (212) 603-9066.  Reach us by  email.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Setup of teleprompter on video shoot.

Setup of teleprompter on video shoot.

How does my teleprompter operator load my script (teleprompter copy)?

The teleprompter script has to be loaded into the computer.  You will give your typed script in advance in electronic form to your teleprompter operator, usually on a flash drive.  The format must be compatible with the teleprompter software. Rich Text Format (.rtf) , Text (.txt) or Microsoft Word format (.doc) works best.  PDF documents are not good for teleprompters.

The script should flow conversationally.  This will make it easier for the talent to read.

Your teleprompter operator will load your script into his computer for an easy setup.

One thing to keep in mind is not to use bullet points, indentations, and multiple colors, unless that’s the way you want them to appear that way in the prompter.

Why should I use a teleprompter during a video shoot?

Producing on location presents all sorts of challenges. One challenge that can be easily avoided is that of multiple retakes because your talent is trying to remember his or her script while trying to convey naturally and convincingly the message. This is where the advantages of a teleprompter come in.

The placement of the teleprompter allows your talent to make eye contact with the audience by looking directly at the camera while conveying his message – which an important key in effective communication.

Allocate enough time to make revisions to the script. Revisions are commonly made during on most shoots.

Will having a teleprompter help me to deliver my message or speech?

Absolutely!  The placement of the teleprompter allows your talent to make eye contact with the audience by looking directly at the camera while conveying your message – an important key in effective communication.

If you are speaking to a live audience, presidential teleprompters gives the audience an illusion that you are speaking directly to them while you are reading from the teleprompter.

What is a teleprompter?

A teleprompter is a device that electronically reflects words on a two-way mirror placed in front of the camera’s lens. As the script is read, a teleprompter operator controls the flow of the words. Simply put, a teleprompter is an electronic cue card that allows you to read while maintaining eye contact with your audience. The teleprompter operator controls the pace of the words that appear on the teleprompter. A good teleprompter operator will control operate the prompter based on the speed of your reading, and will speed up when you do so, and will slow down, when you slow down.